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Beat Your Creditors

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It’s Instructional, Essential & FREE!


3D graphic of the book coverMore and more families and individuals are experiencing economic hardships, due to our country’s economic downslide. This means that more and more people cannot pay their bills and are increasingly having to deal with debt collectors, who can be anything but nice. They do their best to dig the financial hole you’re in even deeper – sometimes so deep that you can never get out. Some people end up living on the streets.

To beat your creditors, you must know how to get them to stop hassling you, as well as how to get all debt lawsuits dismissed.

Debt Collectors Depend on Your FEAR!

  1. They use intimidation to control YOU!
  2. Many ignore the law in dealing with consumers – just to get payment
  3. They persistently call you daily, knowing that eventually they can break you down
  4. They take you to court, knowing that over 90% of debtors ignore the summons – collectors win by default
  5. Their attorneys do all of the above for the same reason – get payment at all costs

So, what’s the answer?


Here’s only some of what it teaches you to do with step-by-step instructions …

  1. Stop the persistent hassles from creditors
  2. Win debt lawsuits through dismissal
  3. Clean up your credit reports & protect your credit
  4. Survive the hard times
  5. Forms you can personalize and use


Here’s what E.V. of Florida had to say* about using the information from Beat Your Creditors …

When I awoke to a knock at the door by a man serving me with papers notifying me that I was being sued, I was in shock. What the heck do I do? How do I respond? I called Patricia who helped me handle the lawsuit. Then, I got a letter with the most beautiful words ever, “Voluntary Dismissal”. They had dropped the lawsuit. HALLELUJAH!!! I was doing the happy dance and couldn’t call Patricia fast enough with the great news! I am more than overjoyed by the help that Patricia provided.

… and Patricia gives you this valuable information in one instructional book!

This 348-page FREE book is professionally written and formatted. Here’s a peek at the inside pages:

3D graphic showing the layout of the inside pages of the book

Here are some of the other benefits in Beat Your Creditors


Credit Card Companies:

  • Protect yourself – learn how they skew you over from the beginning


3rd Party Debt Collectors:

  • Know your legal rights!

  • Get them off your back


Medical Debt:

  • Negotiate it away!


The Court System & Attorneys:

  • Gain confidence with a better understanding of both


Debt Lawsuits:

  • Small Claims Court – step-by-step instructions, showing all paperwork

  • District Court – showing all paperwork with explanations

  • Appendix includes a difficult District Court case – showing all paperwork with explanations


Your Credit Reports & Credit Scores:

  • Understanding them and cleaning them up

  • How to complain and who to complain to if they don’t comply


Important Contact Information:

  • Extensive contact information is provided for all states

  • Covers complaints, state licensing for collectors, state legal groups, state codes, statute of limitation on debt by state, credit reporting agencies, contingency & pro bono attorneys, collection practices act, credit & insurance offer opt out, credit counselors


Forms You Can Personalize:

  • 27 different forms for dealing with debt collectors, lawsuits - both small claims & district courts, and credit reporting agencies


How to Survive the Hard Times:

  • Covers protecting your job, better handling of your money, easy pay down of your debt, spend less & save more, how to bring in extra money, and how to get help from the government, charities, churches, the community, and specifically for veterans

Instant Download 

And you’re not asked for any information.

You can give it away or use it for yourself!

It’s not a PLR, so you cannot sell it or bundle it with other offers, but you can gift it to your email lists – you get lots of goodwill, and I get the information out. I only request that you link to my website rather than the download.

There is absolutely no advertising in the book or at my site – this is strictly a “Pay It Forward” product.

Important! Please read before downloading.

  • Currently, another FREE book, called “Foreclosure Blueprint”, is being written and completes the Beat Your Creditors! book on credit. You will be able to download it soon at

(opens in new window when you click this link). Keep checking the web site.

  •  The Beat Your Creditors! book is in a zip file that is 66.4 mb in size. Once downloaded to your computer, first virus check it before opening (just to be safe), then double click the zip file; then double click the “Read Me” file and follow the instructions. The unzipped files together are 119 mb in size. The Beat Your Creditors! book is a 117 mb pdf file, and the editable documents total 2 mb.

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Thank you for helping me get this information out to help others dealing with creditors.

Patricia Hawke

P.S. Any testimonials or reviews would also be much appreciated.  🙂

*A shorten version of the testimony. See full version by clicking “Part 1” on the navigation menu.


 Copyright 2013, Patricia Hawke

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